Filmmaking is our passion. We enjoy the entire creative process, from developing the initial concept to capturing the raw footage on set and finally to shaping the end product with editing, effects, and color correction. As a client, you never have to worry about the technical challenges of the production process, because we confidently guide the project from concept to delivery so that you can focus your energy on creative collaboration. Our team is composed of talented, driven professionals who know how to achieve the highest-caliber results on time and within your budget.

Abel Okugawa
Producer | Sound Designer | Editor

Music, at its best, always tells a story. Whether it’s a romantic classic from the 1800s or the latest Top 40 hit, the songs that last are those that connect with listeners via their universal stories. And for the past twenty years, recording artist Abel Okugawa has been doing just that, creating his own unique blend of electronic music that fuses urban flavors together with natural, organic elements to tell his own musical story, using the hidden intricacies of sound and rhythm to bring life to each and every one of his projects.

As his music catalog developed, he then began to license out tracks under the auspices of his own Music Composition and Licensing business. The artist’s keen attention to detail, professional demeanor, and signature storytelling within his music quickly began to draw work from outdoor sports companies like The North Face and Red Bull, a variety of commercials, and in extreme action climbing and base jumping videos.

Not limited to commercial sounds, Okugawa has also had the opportunity to score music for the big and small screen. After composing the score for the Emmy Award winning King Lines in 2008, the artist’s work on Mantra the next year won the award for “Best Film Score” at the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Additionally, the artist’s portfolio boasts his score on several films having won the BANFF Festival’s highest honors while he’s worked as sound designer and mixer for Boyd Tinsley’s celebrated film, Faces in the Mirror.

Yet as his success continues and his brand grows, Abel Okugawa is not content to sit back and rest. He continues to wrestle and explore with his music, seeking to find new sounds and new textures to help draw out emotion within the story of his music and life. For Okugawa, music is about more than just a paycheck; it’s a spiritual experience and he invites you to come along and search out the Muse with him.

Abe Costanza
Director | Cinematographer | Editor | Scenic Artist

Growing up in the Blue Ridges Mountains of Virginia rooted Abe’s love for nature. Living in New York City nurtured his affection for the arts, poetry and music. Both experiences transitioned seamlessly into filmmaking and developed his personality as a romantic which translates into his work. Moved by the weather, colors and beautiful things, Abe is always searching for new inspirations, so when his schooling as an illustrator proved outdated, he redirected his brush toward theater and motion pictures to become a scenic artist painting sets for films such as Across the Universe, I Am Legend, Noah, Spider Man and many more. Watching the filmmaking process for more than 10 years from the paint table inspired Abe to pick up the camera and start making films of his own. He has worked on several short films with New York University’s directing program, on public relations campaigns for non-profit organizations, and on commercials for local and national companies such as Natural Retreats, Nordstrom Rack, and LEAP.